TMC Women's Heat 21 August

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 23:24
There were three rounds casual, swimwear and evening wear.

The models who took part were: Barida Felix-Nyado, Nikoata Hibbert, Claudia Akomah-Bioh, Evelyn Joseph, Faith Obaegbulam, Jade Anderson, Magigain Gorre Ndiaye, Mariam Utuk, Nokuthula Sithole, Ogechi Ndukwu, Peace Ofor, Mindy Stacyc Lericke, Susan Nguyen, Taneesha Aiyeola, Noshaba Azhar, Bali Lawal, Vanessa Nathan-Marsh, Fiona Murray, Lisa Cofie, Eugenia Agyei, Bettina Vhioma Teggen, Vanessa Eyenga.

Models who did not make it through were:Peace Ofor, Nokuthula Sithol, Claudia Akomah-Bio, Lisa Cofie, Eugenia Agye, Bettina Vhioma Teggen, Fiona Murray .

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media


Barida Felix-Nyado

Nikoata Hibbert

Claudia Akomah-Bioh

Evelyn Joseph

Faith Obaegbulam

Jade Anderson

Magigain Gorre Ndiaye

Mariam Utuk

Nokuthula Sithole

Ogechi Ndukwu

Peace Ofor

Mindy Stacyc Lericke

Susan Nguyen

Taneesha Aiyeola

Noshaba Azhar

Bali Lawal

Vanessa Nathan-Marsh

Fiona Murray

Lisa Cofie

Eugenia Agyei

Bettina Vhioma Teggen

Vanessa Eyenga

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Season 9 TOP 5

Sarita (4th), Mayalka (5th), Aramatou (Season 9 Winner), Katrinah (3rd) and Segolame (runner up)

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The closest final ever with the judges and guests choosing the same top 8 the overall winner was Aramatou Toure originally from the Ivory Coast.